OE-BE Cats

Soon more cats Odd/Blue eyed !

PL*Jantar No Name vel NONKA
/brown pcht tabby and white ODD EYED/

PL*Jantar Niobe
/silver pcht tabby and white BLUE EYED - girl/

PL*Jantar Miss Betty Boop
/brown tabby and white BLUE EYED - girl/

PL*Jantar Red Bee 
/red tabby and whtie ODD EYED - boy/

PL*Jantar Yami Yami
/brown pcht tabby and whtie BLUE EYED/

PL*Jantar Nyx
/black and whtie van - ODD EYED/

PL*Jantar  BBee
/brown tabby & white girl - ODD EYED/

PL*Jantar Blue Bee

/brown tabby & white boy - BLUE EYED/

PL*Jantar Is My Dream

/silver tabby & white boy - OE Bicolour/

PL*Jantar Golden Ice Bear
"GuMis - Dubi"

/boy - BLUE EYED/

PL*Jantar Golden Fire Bird
/boy - BLUE EYED/

PL*Jantar Gina Golden Doll

/girl - BLUE EYED/

PL*Jantar Bonita
Blue Eyed

PL*Jantar Zippi Blue
Blue Eyed

 PL*Jantar Xe`an
Odd Eyed

Purrinlot Blue Mirage of PL*Jantar 
Blue Eyed

IC PL*Bagira Zoria

Odd Eyed